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                BE/BSc Final Year Projects 2017/18

Welcome to the Electronic & Computer Engineering Final Year Projects web site. This site aims to provide you with information about the entire FYP process from its foundation to completion. 

The final year project is undertaken throughout the two semesters of the final year and it is expected that preliminary work will commence during the preceding summer. The project is intended to give a student the chance to study a topic in depth and to apply his/her theoretical knowledge to a practical situation. The students learn to direct their own work, to be critical of their own methods, to conduct detailed experiments or analysis, and to report their results and reasoning. 

The project supervisor is responsible for providing satisfactory guidance for the project. A student is expected to work on the project during the assigned project day and normally must be available for consultation with the supervisor throughout the project day. Alternative arrangements can be made for meetings with the supervisor, e.g. where the student is working off-site on his/her project.

There is a nominal budget to support the project, and software and hardware supplies can be ordered subject to approval.

Allocation Algorithm:

Students are requested to select projects from the list of proposals in order of preference 1 to 10. The projects will then be allocated based on the student's QCA. The student with the next highest QCA will get his/her first choice or their next highest available choice and so on down the QCA list.

Students may also propose their own projects (Homebrews), this detailing their project area, title and description.  Homebrews should be submitted to and signed off by a Faculty member and returned to the coordinator Emily Spencer. Homebrew selection forms can be viewed here.The student may nominate their "Homebrew" as their first or lower choice.

Selection forms for both BE/BSc students should be returned by either hard copy to office, D2031 or emailed to the Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 24th March 2017.  Project Selection Form can be viewed here.

To view the latest FYP proposals, proceed to the "FINAL YEAR PROJECTS CENTRE" tab, for your perusal please review all FYP proposals submitted by ECE faculty

Note additional projects will be added to this site over the coming days, once updates are added you will be notified via email.